Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Regions of Unlikeness

I picked up Regions of Unlikeness, Explaining Contemporary Poetry ,by Thomas Gardner recently, and the follow up series of essays he edited, Jorie Graham Essays on the Poetry, and I have to say from the opening 20 pages, I like this a lot. in Region of Unlikeness (which I shall now refer to rather knowlingly as ROU) looks back to the modenists such as Stevens to see how the project of expression within language, and through language, happens in full knowledge of its defeat, and that this is yet still in search of a poetic that retains a concern with remaining human, of a strategy of accepting the limit, and working within it. Quoting the Robert Hass lines from Human Wishes "A man thinks "liliacs against white houses"... from Spring Drawing Gardner shows us the mind recovering it's-self within that pause. It was originally Ciaran O'Driscoll that drew my attention to this poem, and these lines, and he knew that something important was going on here. I can only say i look forward to the rest of this journey. Its very timely, in that I have been writing a poem called "Sunday Morning Caesura" for about a year and a half now, and the concerns are central to me. Enough. Enough.

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